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The Vivacious Living Company

The Vivacious Living Company, LLC is home to “That’s Some Good Shea!” and “Oil Elements”. The company was started in 2015 by Bryan Bollman as Vivacious Lathers, which originally only offered handcrafted, plant-based soaps. But as our product lines evolved to include hand balms, lip balms, and essential oils, the name Vivacious Lathers no longer made sense. Hence the name The Vivacious Living Company was born. We kept the word Vivacious because that is the word that describes our company and products, both being vibrant, playful, a little witty, and full of life! All of our products are plant-based and vegan, and we are committed to sourcing the best ingredients and producing the highest quality products that are environmentally friendly and cruelty free.

“Oil Elements” is our line of therapeutic, all natural essential oils. Essential oils are nature’s gift to our body, mind, and soul, and are an integral part of living a healthy, vibrant life! Whether you use essential oils for arthritis pain, a cough or stuffy nose, insomnia, or just to make your home smell awesome without all of the harsh chemicals, Oil Elements has an essential oil for you!