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Glen Carbon (618) 656-4011
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Covid-19 Plan

MASKS:  Masks are required for all staff members and clients.

SPA:  Most of this is our normal protocol but to be transparent: All surfaces will be wiped between every client with a hospital grade disinfectant including massage table and face rest, practitioner stool, door knob, light switch, radio switch, any product bottles used. All soft surfaces such as dressing chairs will be sprayed with aerosol disinfectant. Each room is equipped with a hepa filtration device that filters the air 100% every 7 minutes! The air will be sprayed with an essential oil air freshener known to kill germs.  Every service will have clean fresh sheets, towels, blankets, robes, smocks, head bands.  Service provider will wash hands just prior to service.   When service is complete client will open service door when dressed and service provider will come get them when they are able to check out.  If possible or needed, like in the event two services happen to end at the same time, service provider will check them out in the spa room

BATHROOMS:  Reception staff will sanitize surfaces once per hour and will sign a log on the back of the door with the last time it has been done.  Salon and Spa staff will also wipe faucet, sink, doorknob and light switch in between.